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Clover Valley Veterinary Services

Equine Wellness Program

Regular preventative care is essential for keeping your horse in good peak health. Clover Valley Veterinary Services provides three wellness plans: pleasure, senior and sport horse encapsulating all aspects of horse health.

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Our veterinarians provide wellness care that includes:

  • On-site exams

  • Dental exams and annual floats with sedation

  • Fecal egg counts

  • Vaccines tailored to your horse's needs

  • Strategic de-worming

  • Nutritional advice

  • Soundness exam as part of our Sport Horse Plan

  • Diagnostic testing (radiology, ultrasonography, gastroscopy, or lab testing)

  • Annual blood work as part of our Senior Horse Plan

  • Discounted services such as gastroscopy or hoof radiographs as part of our Senior and Sport Horse Plan

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Equine Wellness Program

Your horse receives comprehensive total body care throughout the year and your wallet stays full. You can either pay in full or make easy monthly payments.

Spring Visit

  • Comprehensive Exam

  • Intestinal Parasite Screen (fecal egg count)

  • Immunizations (West Nile, Sleeping Sickness, Tetanus, Equine Influenza, Equine Herpes, Rabies)

  • Preventative de-worming

Fall Visit

  • Comprehensive Exam

  • Intestinal Parasite Screen (fecal egg count)

  • Preventative de-worming

  • Immunizations (Equine Influenza, Equine Herpes, Strep Equi)

Scheduled Anytime

Dental Float includes:

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam

  • Sedation and Pain Medications

  • Motorized Non-Invasive Odontoplasty (floating)

  • Soundness Exam (Sport Horse Plan)

  • Annual Bloodwork (Senior Horse Plan)

Note: Your veterinarian will determine and recommend which vaccines are appropriate for your horse to receive. An Equine Preventative Care Plan (EPCP) contract can be found by clicking here. Call our office for more information at 360-917-5887.

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