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Behavioral Health

Behavior and training problems for horse owners can be frustrating and even dangerous. Find out more information about problem behaviors in horses that can be addressed by our team.

Horse in Barn looking out

Examples of problem behaviors in horses include: bucking, rearing, biting, kicking, spooking, cribbing, bolting, weaving, pulling back, and aggression.

Our vet team at Clover Valley Veterinary Services provides behavior consultations and solutions to help owners and their horses live comfortably and safely. Our veterinarians will review your horse's medical history so that we can identify all of the possible contributing factors.

After a diagnosis has been made, we will create a plan that fits your horse’s needs. Some solutions may include techniques such as behavior modification or adjustments to their environment. Call our office today at (360) 917-5887 to schedule an appointment for a behavior consultation for your horse.

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