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Clover Valley Veterinary Services

Equine Emergency Care

Clover Valley Veterinary Services only provides emergency care & after-hours care to our existing equine clients in Pierce, Mason, and Kitsap Counties. If you believe your animal is having a medical emergency, do not hesitate to call us at (360) 917-5887, ext. 2. If we do not answer right away, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For Small Animal Emergency

Summit Veterinary Referral Center - Tacoma - (253) 983-1114

Animal Emergency & Trauma Center of Poulsbo - (360) 697-7771

For Livestock Emergency

Tahoma Veterinary Hospital - (253) 847-3500

Feist Veterinary Services - (360) 358-5090

For Equine Emergency

Tacoma Equine Hospital – (253) 535-6999

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital – (360) 779-5557

For Farm Animal Emergency

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital – (360) 779-5557

For non-Equine Animal Emergency

Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital – (360) 779-5557

Clover Valley Animal Hospital - (360) 917-5887

Brown horse standing against yellow leaves and looking to the left

Signs of a Medical Emergency

  • Swollen, cloudy, or painful eye

  • Severe, watery diarrhea

  • Laceration or severe trauma

  • High fever, especially with loss of appetite

  • Mild colic that has not resolved in 45 to 60 minutes

  • Weak foal, especially if it is not able to get up to nurse

  • Retained placenta (greater than 4 hours since delivery)

  • Choke (esophageal obstruction) that has not resolved in 30 minutes

  • Sudden loss of coordination or balance

If your horse experiences any of the above symptoms, call our office at (360) 917-5887, ext. 2.

Photo of Clover Valley Veterinary Services Vehicles

Equine Ambulatory Service

Enjoy the convenience of complete veterinary care for your horses in the comfort of your farm or home. With three fully stocked veterinary trucks and three veterinarians, we travel the entire Kitsap and Key Peninsulas, from the Hood Canal Bridge to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. In addition, we cover 24/7 equine emergency care in Pierce, Mason and Kitsap Counties. We have haul-in facilities for cases requiring intensive veterinary care and close monitoring. Our veterinarians will also work closely with you to maintain a preventative health care program that will keep your horses in peak condition.